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Sometimes we go through issues in life which we have no answer for because we have not got the right space to talk it through with someone who will listen to us as a result going through life can be full of challenges and ups and down. The heart of our work is providing the space for you to be heard, valued, and listened to without Judgement. 

You don’t have to go through life bitter, hopeless, depressed, heartbroken, rejected, lonely, stressed or having a sense of failure or negative when you can get help. This is the reason we have a created a safe space for you to talk to a professional in confidence. 

We will support you to find new ways of coping with the issues you are going through so that it does not overwhelm you, often the answers you are looking for lies within you and we would help you discover your strength to take your life back. 

Through active listening, empathetic understanding and being non-judgemental we can work together to take your life back why not get in touch with us and let us walk your journey with you.

Therapy Session
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Charis Counselling Space


Louis Olusina is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder. A qualified counsellor with over 20 years’ experience of working with adults and young people.  Louis graduated at Open University with a BA honours in Counselling specialising in Integrative Counselling and later went on to do a Postgraduate in Education at Canterbury Christ church University. A registered member of (MBACP) British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and accredited member of MNCPS(Acc.) National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society.  He has worked relentlessly in teaching counselling at various colleges as a lead lecturer on the CPCAB courses an awarding body from level 2 award to level 5 with a pass rate of 99%, majority of the student he taught has now become therapist and have their own practice or are working in various agencies and charitable organisation. He is also the founder of Charis Counselling and Training Academy (CCTA) deploying men and women into the counselling world to help people overcome life issues.  Louis has a passion to help people overcome life difficulties through various coping strategies. He believes if the right space is created people can live again.

Services & Testimoniels

The approach he uses to work with people is the integrative approach. This is a bespoke approach tailored to meet your need. He believes every individual is unique and no one approach can meet an individual needs hence the integrative approach, which is a blended approach of various modalities, this combination he has used successfully with clients, and it worked.


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    Telephone: +44 7832 970 882

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